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Can you tell me a Yukky Poo Poo story?

Five stories for 4 to 7 year olds, boys and girls, in which Yukky Poo Poo gets into trouble with pigs, painting. on his birthday, going to the beach at Christmas.

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About the book

Yukky Poo Poo and the PIGS, Yukky Poo Poo PAINTS, Yukky Poo Poo’s BIRTHDAY, Yukky Poo Poo goes to the BEACH, Yukky Poo Poo’s CHRISTMAS – just simple stories about a little boy whose imagination and desire lead him into mischievous situations to which both children and adults can relate.

Another Coronavirus Project

A New Years resolution to turn the Yukky Poo Poo stories into a book was a rather scary leap into the publishing world. An internet search found Anna Shuttlewood who understood immediately how her artwork could fit the stories. After discussions with very helpful and knowledgeable friends and relations the self-publishing route seemed to be the way to go as, by selling Yukky Poo Poo stories, I could support Save the Children which, like so many other charities have suffered greatly this year through lack of fund raising events. A local printer has been very patient with many corrected prods and again friends and relations, including our twelve-year-old grandson, have been a huge help in talking me through ways of using social media to help promote Yukky Poo Poo.

About the author

Sasha Brooks lives in Hampshire on a small farm where her children grew up with spaniels, cats, chickens and sheep

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I hope you will feel that Yukky Poo Poo stories will make a good present (or presents!) for Christmas or birthdays while at the same time you will be supporting Save the Children.

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